Why meeting our Bishop Antonio Staglianò?



The Headmaster Mr Concetto Veneziano and the coordinator Mrs Maria Rizza of the Project Erasmusplus KA2 " D.I.L.O.G."  thank Our Eminence the Bishop Antonio Staglianò for accepting the invitation to discuss with  us about his experience  for the policies concerning iIMMIGRANTS as he is   the responsible and the  spokesman on behalf of the whole Sicilian  Catholic Dioceses .

The Bishop hoping that everyone, among the audience  is genuinely  motivated  and interested  in the  topic of the meeting, underlies the  importance of getting the critical judgment skills  in an era, such as ours, in which the migration phenomenon is known through news, stories and media, which give us a representation of the reality, rather than the reality itself.  He warns the students against  the " false representations" of this phenomenon; he  asks  the students to rely on their critical thinking, to reflect on what  happens  around us instead of accepting it passively. 

The Bishop admits that Immigration is a " hot" topic nowadays for everyone, but we cannot deny it, becasue it has a strong impact on everyone's life particularly on the young. So he  explains that  he is going to deal with this matter in a more involving way, that is ,by referring to what he himself has created " Pop Theology". it is  a way to deal with religiuos and spiritual matters through pop culture and in particular by quoting   pop singers and songs , so much loved by the young. Pop theology, therefore ,is a sort of strategy to enliven  young people  religious faith , get  them  back to church  and   participate  actively in  christian life.